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Between April 10th and 17th, HHS deposited CARES Provider Relief Funds directly into ambulance providers bank accounts. The size of these payments was determined by the percentage of Medicare payments in the year prior. At the time of deposit, the provider obligations were to either accept the funds and sign the attestation or reject the funds and send them back. If you did neither, it was assumed that you agreed to the Terms & Conditions associated with the funds. SDW reached out to every client individually regarding the funds to make sure you knew they were there and to make a conscious choice about accepting or rejecting based on the Terms & Conditions.

HHS recently released guidance on the reporting requirements for agencies that received greater than $10,000. The new reporting requirements can be found here. Items you will have to report include demographic information about your organization, expenses related to COVID-19 that were not reimbursed by other sources, lost revenues related to COVID-19, staffing metrics and patient encounters.

If an agency uses all funds received by 12/31/2020, the report is due within 45 days of the new year (February 12, 2021). If the agency has leftover funds on 12/31/2020, the agency has an additional 6 months to use the remaining funds, and the report will be due on July 31, 2021.

Please read the Post-Payment Reporting Notice carefully so you know what to expect when more information becomes available. For those who received greater than $10,000 and are subject to these reporting requirements, Systems Design West is prepared to help specifically with the lost revenues portion of the reporting. Systems Design West will continue to keep you informed of any updates as they become available.