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Cost Recovery

Cost Recovery is the process of receiving financial reimbursement for the cost of providing essential or emergency public safety services.

 Cost Recovery Services Include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident/Collision
  • False Alarm Response
  • Rescue Response
  • Illegal Burns Response
  • FireMed Billing Administration
  • Operational Inspection/Permit Billing
  • Hazmat Cleanup Response

 Fire agencies benefit by:

  • Recovering every penny from the many services you provide, while adhering to your policies.
  • Alleviating administrative burdens for managing multiple billing programs.
  • Streamlining the process for information gathering and improve reporting capabilities.

 How do these other billing programs work?

  • The Fire District will draft a resolution to approve the billing program, which Systems Design will follow.
  • Systems Design will take the incident information and bill appropriate parties per your specific resolution and collection policies, then deposit paid claims into your bank account.
  • Systems Design will send reports monthly and invoice you for the administrative fees collected.
  • Systems Design will perform all billing, follow-up, and contact with involved parties.


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