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We finally made the switch from our local billing company over to SDW in 2017 after an airport conversation with another agency administrator waiting on our flights. Looking back over the past years we couldn’t be happier, with this by far, being the best decision our company has made. In the first year alone we cut our billing fees in half from the previous billers putting over 20K back into the budget for other uses. We greatly appreciate our billing company being 100% customer focused, constantly striving to assure all of our company billing needs are met at the highest level.


Fire Chief, ID, Fire Dept

I want to thank you and all the members of Systems Design that have been working with us these past years. When calling in to give or get information the answering party is always courteous and will go out of her way to assist us in what we need. Your staff is competent and confident in their ability to handle our accounts and patients, and always with a smile. I have not received one complaint from any of our patients concerning poor attitude, lack of enthusiasm, or non-expertise of the employees of Systems Design during our years with you.

Thanks again


Fire Chief, WA, Fire Dept

Best vendor service we use for anything, hands down.

WA, Fire Dept

Thank you for all of your exceptional service and accuracy, I truly appreciate your hard work.

WA, Fire Dept

Systems Design offers unparalleled customer service while maximizing technology tools to aid their client’s revenue collections.
Marty Varela


Year after year Systems Design has provided flawless billing and accounting for EMS transports to our district, we are very grateful to have such a reliable organization to outsource a difficult part of our operation to.

Fire Chief , AK, Fire Dept

We have contracted our ambulance billing service to Systems Design for the last 3 years, the level of customer service provided to our community is impressive, and we have had many positive comments from patients we have transported about our billing service. I would recommend Systems Design to anyone.

MSO, AK, Fire Dept

Thank you very much for helping us with our patients, we appreciate your hard work and kindness. Enclosed is a patch for you, everyone at the department appreciates your efforts to explain things to the patients and we are very happy with your service.

Administration , WA, Fire Dept

We are glad that you are our account manager, it is impressive how fast you complete our billing and we have never seen a mistake and the reports are very informative, we are very satisfied that we decided to have Systems Design do our EMS billing.

Asst Chief, OR, Fire Dept

Before we sent our transport billing to you folks it was always a difficult process for us and we were not collecting as much as we could have, we appreciate the work you do year after year and the respect you extend to our patients is commendable.

Fire Chief, WA, Fire Dept