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Rapid Transmission of Patient Information

Because fast and accurate transmission of patient information increases EMS revenues, Systems Design offers packages that can include software, hardware and billing designed to fit the specific needs of your organization. Incident reports can be transmitted directly to our billing system from any NEMSIS Compliant Fire/EMS software. If you prefer paper incident forms they can be scanned and securely uploaded to our servers. Regardless of which information collection method you choose, we provide an exchange process that allows data to be transmitted conveniently, quickly, and accurately.

Proprietary 5010 Compliant EMS Billing Software

Our agile and powerful EMS billing software allows us to quickly adapt to changes in the EMS Billing arena while maintaining a high level of customization to meet our client’s individual needs. We back this up with rock-solid infrastructure which provides maximum security, reliability and efficiency, thus assuring every claim will be billed and processed in a timely, accurate manner. We maintain impeccable support and monitoring 24 hours a day for all critical systems.

Client & Patient Support

Systems Design understands the EMS industry needs real time access to information, so we provide a variety of internet based services to both our clients and their patients including:

  • Direct 24/7 access to patient accounts and billing histories
  • A myriad of specialized reports via our secure Web Portal
  • A custom web page for use by your clients, which can include:

– Downloadable forms
– Contact information
– Links to surveys and credit card payment services
– Informational flyers

Click here to view a sample EMSpatient web page