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Billing Department

Our Billing Department sets up patient accounts and demographics, and does all initial billing of claims. They facilitate client audits, and oversee all mailroom operations. They are responsible for distributing, scanning and archiving all incoming information, both paper and electronic formats. They direct the transfer or destruction of any documents.

Accounting Department

Accounting is responsible for client financial administration. They post all payments from patients and insurance (cash, check, or EFT), prepare client deposits, and handle all refunds and adjustments. They perform secondary billing functions when appropriate, and prepare and distribute month end financial reports for clients.

Patient Services

Our Patient Services Department works to acquire patient insurance information through a variety of sources including hospitals, provider websites, and direct contact with the patient. They receive all incoming calls from patients, and process charity applications, payment plans, levy write-offs, and collections per provider policy. They prepare and send patient statements monthly. All follow-up with uninsured patients in an effort to achieve payment of claims is performed by Patient Services.

Insurance Services

Insurance Services is responsible for any necessary follow-up on unpaid insurance balances. They contact insurance companies (State, Federal, commercial, and auto), file appeals, verify denials, resubmit or request reprocessing of claims if necessary, and perform corrected and secondary billing functions as required. All follow-up on claims pending payment from insurance resides with Insurance Services.

Compliance Department

Our Compliance Department insures that all our billing practices maintain compliance with HIPAA and all other pertinent Federal, State, and local laws. They examine issues affecting the industry, implementing policy and procedural changes as necessary. This department provides regular compliance training for all Systems Design employees, and is available to provide similar training for our clients if desired.